What is Churn Buster?

Churn Buster is a plug-and-play upgrade for ReCharge that reduces customer churn by recovering a high percentage of failing credit card payments.

Subscription box companies can see up to a 20% failure in credit card payments, and Churn Buster adds a sophisticated layer of protection to surface failed payments, capture at-risk customers, and boost recurring revenue.

With this easy integration you will soon:

  • Resolve billing issues with branded, customizable email campaigns proven to reduce churn.
  • Improve delivery rates and monitor the customer experience, helping at-risk subscribers before they vanish.
  • Track performance and generate highly predictable returns month after month.

Getting Started

With just a few clicks you’ll be up and running—no code required.  

  1. Create a Churn Buster account here and follow the prompts.
  2. Connect using your Shopify store name.
  3. Click Install.
  4. In ReCharge, modify your Retry and Notification settings as instructed. (This article also outlines these settings.)
  5. Enter billing information. You will not be billed until Churn Buster has recovered a failed payment 👏.

And you're done! Churn Buster is now monitoring failed payments, prompting card updates at optimal times, and bringing at-risk customers to your attention.

Our welcome message, showing you've made it through the signup process


Optional next steps:

  1. Invite your team to Churn Buster.
  2. Add a logo to your email templates, and a footer with either your website address or physical location.
  3. Improve email delivery by updating your DNS records, and get emails to the inbox more often.

General advice for editing your email content: keep it simple! Let the personality of your brand shine. These aren't marketing emails, and you'll have multiple opportunities to get in front of customers. Use this opportunity to be helpful and improve the customer experience.


More recoveries. Fewer emails.

As recovery campaigns begin to run, performance data will be reported in your dashboard. With this charting you'll see past-due volume month-to-month, campaigns still in-progress, and how much revenue has been recovered in each cohort. This is summarized as a recovery rate percentage that stabilizes in about 90 days, depending on your payment volume.

You'll also see recoveries broken out by method: card updates and retries.

  • Card updates are recoveries that required your customer to take action by putting a new card-on-file, most often following an email.
  • Retry recoveries are when the payment clears using the existing card-on-file, from repeat attempts, often without having to email a customer at all.

Churn Buster prioritizes Retry recoveries, interrupting customers via email only if needed. In fact, charting also shows how many payments have been recovered from retries before the 1st email is even sent. This is made possible by the short delay Churn Buster builds into its email schedule. 

These are valuable recoveries for your business, as they translate to less cancellation risk, fewer support requests, and overall a better customer experience month to month.

Ok, what's next?

After 60 days or so, you'll have a clear picture of baseline performance.  In this time a full cohort of customers will have gone through campaigns from beginning to end. Small improvements will stack up to big gains, as credit cards get updated and recovered payments become repeat business.

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