Thanks for your interest in the Churn Buster starter plan!

This plan is a great choice for smaller companies—below around $10,000 in monthly recurring revenue.


At this scale, top priorities are:

  1. Automation 
  2. Zero hassle
  3. Little or no cost

Advanced features aren't necessary, and can be a distraction from more important growth drivers for an early stage business. So we made the starter plan to deliver just the right value, quickly, and at minimal cost.

You'll find the starter plan is a big upgrade over basic "checkbox" dunning—that sends the same email over and over, or runs shorter, less effective campaigns with no real measurement or visibility.

Note: when your company is growing quickly, upgrading to the standard plan is recommended.

Account Setup

1. Sign up for an account.

2. Choose a sender for dunning emails. For a more personal touch, use someone at the founder level—or anyone on your team. You can go more formal with a Support Team address if that suits your brand at this stage.

3. Upload a logo. This will be used on your "Capture" card update forms, so pick something high resolution that is a little more wide than it is tall. These landing pages will be hosted for you, and linked in emails for each customer so they won't require a login (very convenient!).

3. Connect your payment processor or subscription management tool. You will be given instructions on how to adjust settings to work seamlessly with Churn Buster. Please use the recommended settings! We really, really recommend them.

Note: it's important to turn off other dunning email systems, whether sent internally or via a checkbox setting somewhere, to avoid overlapping messages. Also, turn off pre-dunning for cards "expiring soon" (why?).

4. Add a payment method to activate the account. You will not be billed until your first past-due payment is paid via an updated card—i.e. not including successful retries to an existing card-on-file.

Good news! If a single recovered subscription amount is equal to — or more than — your Churn Buster fee, Churn Buster will already be paying for itself.

5. Get to know the Churn Buster dashboard.

You probably won't see much activity right away, as the system is still waiting to track the next failed payment. That's ok—there are still a few things we can do in the meantime.

First, navigate to your Campaign setup page. Review the subject lines of your email campaign, and click into each email to make sure messaging is how you like it. The default email templates have been tested at scale, so they are a great starting point even when used as-is.

Finally, click on the Team page and add any teammates you'd like to share account access with.

And that's it! You're done.


You now have automated, secure failed payment handling in place, at a low cost, and hopefully that wasn't too much of a hassle.

Your first email will be sent a few days after the next failed payment. Depending on payments volume, it could take a while for Churn Buster to deliver results. Stay patient! In the meantime you'll know that customers are not slipping away unnoticed.

Ready to access more features, like the campaign schedule editor, additional retries, and self-hosted Capture pages? 

Message our team to upgrade to a standard plan.

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