Snippets make it easy to 1) re-use content across multiple emails in your campaign, and 2) embed custom HTML into your emails to match the look and feel of other emails you send.

Out of the box, Churn Buster includes Basic Snippets to include customer information in your emails, like {{}}  and {{sender.first_name}}.

And you can create your own Custom Snippets to level up your email personalization and customization. 

How Churn Buster Customers Have Used Snippets:

  • Create a signature snippet that's re-used in your emails (See instructions below)
  • Add an HTML <img> tag to your signature to include your avatar or company logo (Tutorial)
  • Personalize emails with a custom greeting (Tutorial)

How to Create a Custom Snippet:

  1. Go to the Snippets page in your account
  2. Click New Snippet
  3. For the Tag Name, enter something simple like "signature" (this will be what you use to embed the Snippet in your emails - ie {{snippets.signature}} )
  4. For the Snippet HTML, you can enter any HTML or text you like. You can include Basic Snippets like {{capture.url}}  or {{sender.company_name}} . And you can also use Liquid Tags & Filters to customize any snippets you use (ie "Hi {{sender.first_name | default: "there"}},").

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