This article outlines the ReCharge settings we recommend in order for your failed payments recovery process to work optimally with Churn Buster.

Configure ReCharge retry settings

  1. Open your ReCharge General settings.
  2. Scroll down to the "Failed charges" section.
  3. Set the 1st setting ("Stop retry charge after X times") to: 8.
  4. Set the 2nd setting ("Retry charge interval") to: every 3 days.
  5. Click "Save" and then "Save" again.

Disable ReCharge dunning emails

  1. Open your ReCharge Notification settings.
  2. Disable the "Card Expiring" and "Card Declined" notifications.

Frequently asked question

Q: "What if I notice my customers' campaigns ending after only 1 day?"
Soon after signing up with Churn Buster you may notice your customers' campaigns in Churn Buster are ending after only 1 day as previously past-due customers hit the end of their Retry period inside ReCharge. This can be confusing as information is being represented inside your Churn Buster account soon after you have signed up. Soon (within 1-2 weeks) this will smooth out as Churn Buster campaigns start after the first failed payment (instead of the middle of the ReCharge retry schedule).

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