DKIM and Return-Path are email authentication protocols that improve email deliverability. Updating these DNS records for the sending domains in your Churn Buster account ensures your customers clearly see emails coming from your company instead of from Churn Buster.

Below are instructions for updating your DNS records.

1. Find the DNS records in your Churn Buster account

Go to your Deliverability page and scroll to the bottom to see the sending domain(s) in your account.

  • To add a sending domain to this section, you need to add an email address for that domain in the "Sender Email" field of any of your campaign emails. Once you do that, the domain will appear in this section.

Click on a sending domain to view the DKIM and Return-Path records.

Green indicates that the records have already been verified.

2. Add a DKIM and Return-Path record in your domain registrar

Log in to your domain registrar and add the records in DNS settings.

  • DKIM is added as a TXT record. Return-Path is added as a CNAME record.
  • Set the TTL (Time to Live) to whatever you're comfortable with (e.g. 1 day).

3. Click "Verify" in your Churn Buster account

Back in the "Sending Domains" section of Churn Buster, click the blue "Verify" buttons to verify the records.

  • Note: The records may take up to 48 hours to propagate.
  • Tip: If using Cloudflare, the proxy needs to be disabled after adding the records by clicking the orange cloud so it becomes a grey cloud. 
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