Adding scheduled retries before campaign emails are sent ensures customers are contacted only when necessary, resulting in:

  • faster recovery of failed payments
  • higher success rate with retries (requiring fewer emails sent to your customers)

On average, 21% of payments can be recovered by reattempting the payment before the first email is even sent. Scheduling retries before each email is sent allows you to recover even more payments without ever needing to bother your customer—better customer experience, fewer support demands, and immediate results.

How to add retries to your campaign schedule

On your campaign schedule page

  • Click the Edit button in the top right. (Note: you must be an account owner to edit the schedule.)
  • Check the retry payment box to add a retry before each campaign email. 
  • Then click the Save button.


Retries in your payment processor

Retries are also configured in your payment processor or subscription management tool according to our recommended settings.


Additional retries as scheduled actions

You can also add additional retries as scheduled actions in your campaign schedule.

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