Your campaign emails direct each customer to their ReCharge customer portal to update their card-on-file. This article explains how the links work in your campaign emails.

The default option

By default, your campaign emails include a snippet link (see below) that creates a unique URL for each customer to update their card-on-file. 

The snippet text (as it will appear to the customer in the email) is Update Your Card Now and the URL created by the snippet looks something like this:{{}}/card_edit/

This link takes the customer to their ReCharge customer portal. No customer login is required, and the card update instantly bills past-due subscriptions. 🚀

  • Tip: You can customize the text for the snippet with {{ | text: "update your card here"}} 

Slight tweak to the snippet

If you use a custom checkout domain with ReCharge Pro, you may want to create a more branded link by changing the default snippet described above to:

{{ | domain: ""}}

Make sure to replace "" with your actual domain.

Other options

We recommend linking directly to the ReCharge customer portal, as outlined in this article. For help setting up more custom options or linking to a different URL, please contact us at [email protected].

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