This article outlines how to add a high-value campaign alert to your campaign schedule. The specific example we will use is sending an email to your support desk whenever a campaign worth more than $1,000 starts. This could easily be adapted for other scenarios (for example, sending an escalation email when a campaign reaches Day 21).

  • Note: You must have an upgraded Zapier account to add multiple action steps to a zap.

Set up the trigger in a new zap

Follow steps 1 through 11 in this article to create a new zap in Zapier that is connected to a new webhook action in Churn Buster.

  • You may want to name both the zap and webhook “High-Value Campaign Alert” or something similar for easy recognition.

Add a filter as step #2 in the zap

  1. When prompted to choose an Action App, search for "filter" and choose "Filter by Zapier"
  2. Click “Save + Continue”
  3. For the three fields in Filter Setup, enter “Event Campaign Amount Cents” → “(Number) Greater than” → "100000”
  4. Click “Test & Continue”
  5. You may see a notification that says, “Your Zap would not have continued.” You can disregard this and click “Continue”

Add another action as step #3 in the zap

  1. Click to add an "Action" step
  2. When prompted to choose an Action App, search for "mail" and choose "Gmail”*
  3. Select “Send email”
  4. Click “Save + Continue”
  5. Select/connect your Gmail account and test the connection
  6. Click “Save + Continue”
  7. Enter email details (“To” field, Subject, Body, etc.)
  8. Click “Continue”
  9. Review email template and click “Send Test To Gmail”
  10. Check the test email in your inbox
  11. Click “Finish”
  12. Click to turn the zap on

*You could alternatively choose the Action App to be Slack, Zapier’s built-in Mail app, send to a Google Sheet, etc.

Add the action to your campaign schedule

  1. Go to your campaign schedule in Churn Buster
  2. Click “Edit” in the upper right
  3. Scroll down to the Actions section and click “Add” next to your webhook. (This will move the webhook up into the Campaign section)
  4. Input the day you want the action to run (in this case, Day 1)
  5. Scroll to the top and click “Save”
  6. That’s it! Your webhook action will run with every campaign, but the zap will only send an email if the campaign is worth more than $1,000

Sample email templates

You have lots of options in the email template to add information that will be most useful to you.

It could be as simple as:

  • Subject: [Churn Buster] High-Value Campaign Alert
  • Body: A campaign worth more than $1,000 started.

You could also make it an HTML email to add links:

<a href=""> Link to active campaigns</a>

The webhook also allows you to draw several properties for that specific campaign. (In the body of the email template, click the “Insert a field” button in the upper right and select “Catch hook” to see the available properties—campaign amount, customer email, capture page URL, etc.)

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