This article outlines how to set up the Zapier integration with Churn Buster, which triggers a zap for a variety of Churn Buster campaign events: New Email Bounce, Campaign Lost, Campaign Recovered, and Campaign Started.

How to connect the integration

  1. Go to your Integrations page
  2. Click "Zapier"
  3. Click the link in step #1 to accept the invite to the integration. (If you are already logged in to Zapier, this will make a new zap)
  4. Select which event you want to trigger the zap. (Options: New Email Bounce, Campaign Lost, Campaign Recovered, Campaign Started)
  5. Click "Save + Continue"
  6. Click "Connect an Account"
  7. Paste the Account ID and API Key from Churn Buster's Zapier integration page into the popup window and then click "Yes, Continue"
  8. Back on the zap setup page, click "Test." (This will verify the webhook and you will see a green "Success!" confirmation)
  9. Click "Save + Continue"
  10. You will see data pulled in from a sample campaign. Click "Continue"
  11. Then add action steps to your zap based on your preferences.

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