In addition to campaign emails, you can schedule custom actions like an SMS nudge on Day X of your campaign.

This will require you to complete setup based on whatever SMS tool you currently use; Churn Buster sends the webhook and you send the SMS.


Set up a webhook trigger in Zapier

Follow steps 1 through 11 in our article titled Setting Up Campaign Escalations with Zapier to create a new zap in Zapier with a webhook trigger.

Add the action to your campaign schedule

  1. Go to your campaign schedule in Churn Buster
  2. Click “Edit” in the upper right
  3. Scroll down to the Actions section and click “Add” next to your webhook. (This will move the webhook up into the Campaign section)
  4. Input the day you want the action to run
  5. Scroll to the top and click “Save”
  6. Your webhook action is now scheduled to run on Day X of each campaign


Trigger an action with your SMS tool

You can set up additional actions in the zap you created earlier to trigger the SMS in whatever app you use.

The webhook trigger you set up earlier draws in several properties for your customers, like email address and first name (for ReCharge accounts) or customer ID.

Create a simple SMS prompting your customers to update their card. We recommend NOT including the capture page URL in the message for security reasons.

Sample SMS test

“We aren’t able to process your latest order or reach you by email. Please contact us, or login at ASAP to fix this issue!”

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