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I’m not ready for campaigns to start. How can I pause the campaign schedule?

Contact the Churn Buster team to pause your campaign schedule so no new campaigns will start. When you’re ready to go live, simply let them know!

Note: By default Churn Buster schedules the first email to send a few days after the next failed payment. Usually, there is no urgent need to worry that customers will be contacted right away. Campaigns populate on your Customers page when payments fail, and you can click into the campaign details to see upcoming scheduled actions.


I just signed up. How can I start campaigns for previously delinquent customers?

Churn Buster starts a campaign when a recurring payment fails. If you have past-due invoices, retry the payment in your payment processor or subscription management tool. If the payment fails again, a Churn Buster campaign will immediately be created.


My customer canceled. Why are they still being emailed?

We know how frustrating it can be for a customer to receive payment request notices after they have canceled service.

If a customer has a canceled subscription, but Churn Buster is still sending campaign emails, this may be caused by improper settings in your payment processor or subscription management tool.

To prevent this from happening in the future, please check our recommended settings. Correct settings in your payment processor or subscription management tool ensure campaigns can work properly.

To stop the emails for a specific customer, click the Stop Campaign button (instructions in next question).


How can I stop a campaign?

Go into a campaign on the Customers page and click the Stop Campaign button. Learn more > 


Can I get a link to a specific customer’s card update page? 

Yes! Find the customer on the Customers page and click their email address. Then click Customer Details and you’ll find the customized card update URL for that specific customer. Learn more >


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