The ultimate goal of your recovery campaign is to resume your customer's subscription with an updated payment method. With that in mind, most of the time you'll want a single call to action in the body of the email: "Update Your Card" with a link to the card update page. (This is the default "" snippet.)

You may also find reasons to link to additional customer account pages in ReCharge. For example, to give customers the option of skipping a delivery.

  • This could be useful if the customer is ignoring emails because they aren't ready for another shipment. Delaying a shipment prevents them from outright churning from a canceled subscription and keeps the relationship alive.

This article outlines how to create links to additional account pages besides the card update page.

  • You may need to adapt these instructions based on the URL structure of your ReCharge account pages
  • If using custom links, be sure customers aren't inadvertently greeted with popups from your site.

Add the link

You can create dynamic/variable links using the ReCharge customer portal. A link to send them to a page in order to adjust their delivery schedule might look something like this:{{}}/delivery_schedule
  • You would create a link in a campaign email (e.g. "Update your delivery schedule" linking to the URL above), and Churn Buster will turn it into a functioning link by dynamically inserting the customer ID in the double brackets. 
  • Make sure to replace "YOURDOMAIN" with your actual domain.
  • Click "Save" when you're done editing the email.

This could be seen as a last-ditch effort to save a subscriber before they churn, by delaying the order instead of canceling the subscription. We recommend it as a fallback to the card update link in the second-to-last email, with a message like: “Not ready for this shipment? Click here to manage your subscription.”   


Test the link

Method 1: Manually test for a single customer

To manually test the link for a single customer, replace {{}} in the URL with a specific customer's ReCharge hash found on a Customer Details page.

Method 2: Test that the link is dynamically populated

Sending a test email from the Campaign page doesn't add the ReCharge hash to produce a functioning link, so the best way to test that the link is working properly is in an upcoming action of a customer already in a campaign (or in an upcoming campaign).

  • On the Customers page, click a customer email address to see the campaign details. 
  • Click on the upcoming email action to see a preview of the upcoming email.
  • Hover over the link in the email preview to see the dynamically generated URL. (Additionally, you can click "Send me a test" to get the email in your inbox.)

Note: Saved changes to a campaign email apply only to emails sent going forward.


What happens to the campaign?

If a customer changes the delivery schedule or order date, the Churn Buster campaign will automatically stop. A new campaign will start the next time the customer fails a payment.


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