If a campaign email bounces, no additional emails will be sent to the customer while in that campaign. Bounces occur if the email client won't accept emails from your sending domain or if the email address is not valid.

Using the Zapier integration, you can send a request to your customer service/support team to attempt to manually contact the customer through a different channel.


Set up the zap trigger 

Select "New Email Bounce" as the trigger when you set up the Zapier integration.

Add a zap action

  1. Select your help desk app (Zendesk, Help Scout, etc.) from Zapier's list of app integrations. You could even send to an email address (Email by Zapier) or Slack.
  2. Compose the message. Churn Buster sends data through the trigger for the specific campaign involved. Using this data, you can create a detailed message that gives your support team all the information they need to take action.
  3. Save and turn ON the zap.

Here's an example message:


Email Address  has a Campaign Amount failed payment, and our automated emails to them are not able to be delivered. Please try to manually locate an alternative email address and reach out to this customer personally to update their card.

Processor ID
Payment Processor Customer ID 

Link to Churn Buster campaign:
https://app.churnbuster.io/accounts/_/live/campaigns/Churn Buster Campaign ID 

Customer details & capture page link:
https://app.churnbuster.io/accounts/_/live/customers/Churn Buster Customer ID 

Issue: Hard Bounce
Description: Bounce Description
Details: Bounce Details

Items above in brackets are data properties for the campaign sent over from the Churn Buster webhook.


Wait for the zap to... zap

The next time an email bounces in a Churn Buster campaign, this zap will fire. Your support team will be notified that the customer was not able to be contacted and will be empowered to spring into action to save the customer.

Campaign escalations such as this allow you to make sure no customers fall through the cracks unknowingly.

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