As a best practice, most SaaS/subscription companies should be reminding customers in-app when they are past-due.

However, the problem is very solvable without throwing another pop-up messenger into the mix.

All you'll need are two core components:

Card update page. Since users are already logged in and easily identifiable, a billing page on your website works best. If you don't have a billing page, Churn Buster can host a page for you.

Intercom. Other in-app messengers would work too, but with the popularity of Intercom we'll focus on this integration with Stripe.

How to set it up:

In the following steps, we'll show you how to set up Intercom notifications to work in unison with your Churn Buster campaigns.

If you have a billing page where customers can update their card, we'll be using that URL.*

  1. Connect Intercom with Stripe. There is an intercom/stripe integration built-in, so no code is necessary:
  2. Set up your first message. Target an Intercom popup that looks for "stripe_delinquent" to be "true."

  We suggest serving a friendly notification:

Hi Ken! Quick note: we're having trouble processing your [company name] payment. We'll keep trying. If you need to update your payment information, go here. Thanks!

   3. Set up your second message. Target an Intercom popup that looks for      "stripe_subscription_status" to be "unpaid."

You can be a little more direct with this message:

Hi Ken! We've been having trouble processing your [company name] payment, and your account is currently delinquent. Please update your payment information right away to avoid interruption to your service. Thanks!

For more a more aggressive approach, it's often effective to lock people out of accounts. Generally we'd recommend this at least 5 days after initial failed payment, and it could take the place of your Unpaid status popups.

*If you’d rather use a Churn Buster hosted page for card updates, let us know.

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