• verify Capture pages loading (if you've chosen to use them)
  • verify JSON data sends to CB (success, failed, card update, cancelation)
  • verify Webhooks received from CB (retries, lockouts, cancelations)
  • verify DKIM/SPF records (optional)
  • verify live data sending via API
  • verify charges are retried following an updated payment method, with CB notified if successful
  • verify in-app cancelations are passed through to CB


  • review design/copy in emails
  • verify links in emails are correct
  • verify correct reply-to address
  • verify retry/email schedule


  • Communicate launch date with CB team
  • Generate list of all currently past-due subscriptions (that have already failed a payment, and may or may not have already received an email from another system)
  • Shut down internal systems for failed payment notifications and activate Churn Buster


  • "Re-fail" all past-due subscriptions, attempting another payment so these subscribers will enter a recovery campaign in Churn Buster

Your first full cohort will be available roughly 60 days after campaigns launch (with 20-30 days being a standard campaign length). After 90 days a good performance baseline will have been established.

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