It's easy to use Churn Buster with MemberMouse.

First, go ahead and create a Churn Buster account here. This will start tracking failed payments right away, and we'll still have several days before the first action is taken to recover a failed payment.

Next, we need to notify Churn Buster of canceled MemberMouse subscriptions. We can use a subscription email address as the identifier, and Churn Buster will automatically end the associated campaign (stopping all outreach/efforts to update payment information).

  1. Set up a new Zap using a webhook trigger.
  2. Using the POST URL given to you by Zapier, create a new notification in MemberMouse for subscription cancelations.
  3. Assign the Action as an HTTP POST API Call in Zapier with the following details:

Account ID and API Key are located in your Churn Buster dashboard. Click Account > Integrations > API

Finally, email [email protected] with the URL where customers can update their billing information.

This link will be added to outbound Churn Buster emails, so customers can update credit cards and renew MemberMouse subscriptions. 


Many thanks—we look forward to helping your company grow with best practices and better tools.

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