Churn Buster automatically starts campaigns to attempt to recover failed payments for your business. This happens in the background as soon as a payment fails, and no action is required on your part for Churn Buster's dunning magic to take effect. 

As soon as a payment goes through, the campaign stops and the subscription continues in an active state.

There may be occasions, however, when you need to step in to manually stop a campaign. This could occur when a customer replies to a campaign email asking you to stop contacting them. Or perhaps your support team sees another need to end a campaign prematurely.

In Churn Buster you can stop a campaign to ensure future emails are not sent.

  • The last section in this article contains specific considerations for ReCharge users


Stopping the Campaign

To manually end a campaign, go into the campaign in Churn Buster and click the "Stop Campaign" button. 

This will stop any upcoming emails immediately. Keep in mind that stopped campaigns do not appear in the Lost list.

Further Action May Be Required

Even though the campaign was stopped, further action may be required to ensure the customer doesn't get emailed a few days later.

Churn Buster creates a new campaign each time a payment fails for a subscription without an active campaign. If you still have scheduled retries within your payment processor, a subsequent retry that results in a payment failure will activate a new campaign—even if you had previously clicked "Stop Campaign" in Churn Buster.


Cancel the Subscription

The most reliable way to immediately stop a campaign and prevent new campaigns from initiating is to cancel the subscription.

  • When you cancel a subscription within your subscription management tool, Churn Buster will immediately stop any active campaigns for that subscription. 


ReCharge only

Scheduled retries in ReCharge can activate a new campaign. To ensure the charge isn't reattempted (and consequently more emails sent), you can skip/delay/cancel an order.

  • For example, moving the next shipment date to sometime in the future beyond the customer's End Campaign date in conjunction with manually stopping a campaign will prevent a new campaign from initiating for that specific payment.

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