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"Q: Is this working?"

You’ve connected your payment processor or subscription management tool, so maybe you’re wondering if it’s all working properly.

Keep an eye on the Customers page. As soon as your next customer fails a payment, you’ll see the campaign show up there—as well as the upcoming actions before they happen.


"Q: Why wait a few days before my first email is sent? Shouldn’t we let customers know right away?"

The default campaign schedule waits a few days before sending the first email to allow time to retry the payment at least once before contacting your customer.

Prioritizing retry recoveries is a unique focus of Churn Buster; on average, 21% of payments can be recovered through retries that happen before the first email is even sent. 

  • Churn Buster isn’t just sending email, it’s also allowing “soft declines” (for example, temporary billing issues like a maxed out credit card) to clear without sending any email at all — a vastly different technique than basic dunning tools employ.

Not only will you recover more revenue with retries, but this approach also leads to fewer cancellations and billing-related support issues — in addition to providing your customers a better overall experience.

After newly signing up, you'll see the retry stats box percentage begin to increase as these valuable recovery wins occur.

Here's the retry stats box on the Campaign page


"Q: When will I see results?"

60-90 days after signing up, you'll have a clear picture of baseline performance. 📈

In this time a full cohort of customers will have gone through campaigns from beginning to end. Small improvements will stack up to big gains, as credit cards get updated and recovered payments become repeat business.

"What's up with my early results?"

Keep in mind that the first month can be a less-representative (and lower-quality) cohort for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Campaigns starting on the final payment attempt (and being counted as a lost recovery after only a few days)
  • Customers getting contacted who have already been contacted several times

^^ This account above launched in March, tracking sub-average results before shooting up in April 

Stay patient, and let some fresh cycles run to completion before evaluating what's actually happening.


"Q: I’m signed up. What should I do next?"

Here are some great first steps to take:

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