Churn Buster prioritizes retry recoveries.

We don’t just send out emails; we optimize your failed payments recovery to send emails only when needed. Not only will you recover more revenue, but this approach also leads to fewer cancellations and billing-related support issues—in addition to providing your customers a better overall experience with your brand.

The Retry Phase

The default campaign schedule waits a few days before sending the first email, to allow time for retrying the payment before contacting your customer. This period between the time the payment fails and the first email sends is called The Retry Phase. 

Prioritizing retry recoveries allows “soft declines” (for example, temporary billing issues like a maxed out credit card) to clear without sending any email at all — a vastly different technique than basic dunning tools employ.

On average, 21% of payments can be recovered through retries that happen before the first email is even sent. In fact, in a recent study among the companies we work with, we found that 63% of total recoveries were from retries. 

Recovering payments quietly, without interruption, is the best outcome for you and your customers.


The less effective way…

Entry-level dunning tools will email customers immediately after the first payment failure, and every subsequent retry. Customers are handled too aggressively, not only prompting frustration and support issues, but also moving them towards cancellation.

Remember: involuntary churn means you’re losing customers who often didn’t want to leave in the first place. Your efforts to retain those customers should be an extension of all the other relationship-building practices of your business.


Transparency in “taking credit”

Churn Buster metrics and methods are designed with transparency in mind—our goal is to help your business achieve success, with no attempt to inflate our role in that process. You should be able to see what’s really happening with your recovery efforts, and maximize those efforts to boost retention and crush involuntary churn.

So, rather than counterproductively pushing card updates, Churn Buster responsibly puts card updates in their proper place by allowing for retry success.


A smooth card update experience is also vital

When customers can’t be retained through retries, Churn Buster provides your customers with a low-friction experience to give you updated card details.

Churn Buster emails and card update pages provide:

  • Exceptional deliverability so emails get to the inbox and customers trust they are coming from you.
  • A seamless experience from email to card update—no login required.
  • Customized email content to ensure emails aren’t threaded together and to connect more authentically with your customers.


In a nutshell…

The Churn Buster approach is carefully crafted to help you recover more failed payments in the most seamless, profitable way.

Retry-prioritization, along with a customer-centric card update experience, leads to fewer cancellations, fewer billing-related support issues, and a better customer experience


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