Stripe's Metadata feature is handy for attaching custom data to anything in your Stripe account.

With metadata you can store first names on a customer profile in Stripe, and then embed them into your Churn Buster email templates.

Storing Metadata in Stripe:

  1. Update the point in your signup flow that creates Stripe Customers, and send metadata properties to Stripe.
  2. Loop through your existing customer base and update each Stripe Customer to include the same properties in their existing metadata.

Including Metadata in Your Emails:

Edit your email templates in Churn Buster, and add tags that follow this format: {{}} where key  is the name of the metadata property, you'd like to inject into the email.

If you'd like a fallback, in case the property isn't set for a given customer, you can do something like the following:

Hi {% if == blank %}there{% else %}{{}}{% endif %},
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